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Frances is an art director and designer based in New York currently working at Instagram👋🏽

Project update: While the Kickstarter was unsuccessful, I was still able to prototype the sticker and hand them out to family and friends.


"Smash!" Is the first ever birth control protest sticker that works with standard birth control pill packs. This transparent vinyl sticker aligns with each opening of the pill, so that when you take your next dose you get to "Smash!" the patriarchy as the pill breaks through the foil. The sticker features 28 of the white male reps that recently passed the abortion ban in Alabama. Besides the governor, not one person who voted on the bill was a woman.  Proceeds from the sticker were intended to support clinics such as Planned Parenthood as well as information on ways to support/fight for women's rights. While the Kickstarter never fulfilled its goal, a donation was still made and best of all, the bill was never passed.

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