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Frances is an art director and designer based in New York currently working at Instagram👋🏽

The theme for the 16th annual ADCOLOR awards and conference was Still Rising. Leaning into our foundation of creating connections and bringing people closer together, our theme for the partnership was "Still Rising Together." Innovation, Creativity, and Action were the key pillars for the AR effect, Creator Playbook, and Mainstage panel we designed. We partnered with Droga5 and AR creator Matthew Chen to visualize "Still Rising Together." The scannable poster encouraged users to interact with both world-facing and front-facing filters where they could interact with the shapes to reveal affirmations or reveal a surprise when another person joined in.

The design system is rooted in the history of graphic design; overprint effects and hand-drawn elements elevate the portrait and photographic presentations, and a reoccurring capital “B” proudly declares a shared cultural identity and design community worthy of elevation and celebration.

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